Audre Lorde – black, lesbian, feminist, warrior, mother, activist, writer, and lover. This woman I came to know through her words – rendered a resting force in a mirror; a catalyst for my own voice. Lorde is a half-mirror for women like me: black, queer-feminist, and aspiring to change the world. I write in the […]

Ramos Tiranos Num Movimento 

Ramos tiranos num movimento suspenso com um tom como os meus braços de negra também suspensos numa espécie de paralisia mundana Ramos tiranos, vivências em mentiras ou é apenas falsa percepção dos meus olhos adormecidos  Ramos entrelaçados na dança de uma morte vagarosa mais que vivida nos meus sonhos  Meus braços de negra ambicionam tornar-se […]

White Women In Robes 

Originally posted on werdbrew:
This essay contains extensive discussion of reproductive violence and some mention of sexual violence. North Carolina has more living victims of forced or coerced sterilization than any other state in the U.S. There are around 7,600 known cases that were performed through a government-run eugenics program that culminated in 1974. A…

UnGendered Body

  Trapped in expected womanhood In a body that feels unfamiliar How do I transpose this body into a realm of truth?   Feigned woman walk Carrying a myth The black super woman myth That tells such woman never falls Yet she falls to the bottom of the gutter of the world Together with ‘Other’ […]